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Headlights – Should You Replace Them?

Headlights – Should You Replace Them?

When it comes to auto body parts there are certain components that get most of the attention. But there also those, which are rarely noticed, even if they have a crucial function. We can have an example by looking at the headlights.

If you are like most people, you are probably not aware that headlights can get worn out over time. We are not even talking about the lighting components themselves, but rather the whole shell and glass. With time the protective cover of the headlight gets worn out, which dims the light and makes it spread unevenly.

Perhaps one of the reasons you are here is because you have noticed just that. Now you may be wondering what to do to fix it. While there are some DIY solutions, you really won’t be able to get the pristine look of the headlight back, if you don’t replace it with a new one. But this is actually good. If you are trying to sell your vehicle, a new set of headlights may bump up the price quite a lot, surely enough to cover the cost and even more.

But perhaps you don’t care about selling your car. You just think that your headlights are not up to par and you want something with a bit more umph. We get it. Well, you have certain options, at which we are going to look now.

The Stock Route

If you do not care about aftermarket headlamps, you best option is to consider the various stock options that are on the market. However, keep in mind that you may be quite limited in your choice, especially for an older vehicle.

The problem with stock lighting is that even with newer cars you just don’t have that many options. If a high-trim version of your car model sports nice LED headlights, you can definitely get that for your own car as well, but if there is no such option to begin with – you are out of luck.

That being said, going stock is great if you care about the resale value of your car. Most people do not appreciate custom options and may want to get you to reduce the price because of that. Still, going outside the OEM realm gives you plenty of options.

Custom Headlights Are A Great Alternative

Depending on your needs, you may actually want to invest in custom lighting. Why? Because it offers quite a lot of variety and it can be just the way you want it. For example, you can have different tints to your lights, or even the entire panel. You can also choose the strength of the beam and its dispersion.

You should be aware that there are quite a lot of aftermarket options. And some of them are not exactly street-legal, meaning you cannot drive your car on the street with too powerful beams. So make sure to do proper research before going headfirst into buying a nice set of custom headlamps for your car..