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Painting Services

Here at Auto Body Parts we provide high quality services not only in the area of retail vehicle component, but also in painting them as well. We have experienced car painters, who can take care of your exterior painting needs for any eligible auto body part.


We are among the few companies in the auto body niche that can actually provide both services – buying a new part and having it sent to you directly painted. You can decide to paint different parts, including bumpers, hoods, rims, spoilers and many more. A lot of car enthusiasts nowadays enjoy getting their auto body parts painted in a contrasting color so it can serve as a highlight to the vehicle.


We provide excellent customizability of the way you can get your auto body parts painted. It all starts with choosing your desired part, followed by the color, in which you want it. You can also decide on an effect of the paint (metallic being the most common choice). Our car painting specialists use high quality paints in order to ensure the longest exploitation period for the paint. Each of our auto body painters has years of experience in the field so your car part will be handled by people who know how to do their job. You can expect impeccable results, uniform painting (no darker or lighter parts, unless specified), even covering and everything that is the mark of an experience painter.


Since we deal with orders throughout the States, we offer our services for pre painted auto body parts, after being purchased directly from us. Thus you are sure that you get a full service, without paying addition fees for transport and going for a paintjob out of shop.


Here is the thing – if you get a part without it being painted, you will eventually still need to figure out how to get that job done. And most of the time this is not an easy thing. Because purchasing services separately most of the time increases their costs. So not only would you have to pay for the purchased part, but you will also have to organize a paintjob. Instead of going through all these challenges, you can get your pre painted auto body parts directly from us.


The professional painters in our shop are trained to use modern technology, which makes sure to never leave a blob or any other imperfection while covering your vehicle component. The paint is of incredible quality as well, so that it can withstand the effect of rough weather and everyday driving conditions. Since we can also take the information of your VIN number and use to figure out the exact nuance, you can have all auto body parts painted without worrying that they won’t match your vehicle.


Our main goal is to simplify the process for all our clients. It all starts by going to our online catalog and selecting the exact part that you need. If it is eligible for painting (meaning that it has to be a primed body part), you can order the painting service right there and then. We state a clear price so that you are not fooled by any vague words or small script. We believe that integrity and honesty are the best approaches when dealing with our clients. So order your pre painted auto body parts from us and get them at a price, which is difficult to match, especially if you go through the mainstream channels of local dealerships.


Do not let your car stay in bad shape. If your bumper is cracked or even broken, it isn’t only unsafe to drive like that – it also ruins your personal presentation! With the ability to have new auto body parts painted in the color you like, you now have no excuse to go around like that. In order to get the best price, we have combined the discounted prices of our wares together with the incredible value of our painting services. So go ahead and purchase your part now. It will come to you painted and ready for installation, so you won’t have to waste any more time!


IMPORTANT: If your part requires 3-stage painting, that will cost $85 more. In such a case you will be personally contacted and notified.


We provide painting services for the following parts:

  • Bumper (Front or Rear)
  • Fender
  • Doors
  • Hood
  • Mirror (Left or Right)
  • Radiator Support