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How To Replace A Car Fender

How To Replace A Car Fender

Replacing any auto body parts is usually not a fun experience. Not because it is overly difficult, but because it is usually done after an accident or when the part has corroded so much, it is virtually useless. Actually, that is the case with most the damages to most car fenders – it is usually corrosion after years of use.

If one or more of your fenders are in need of replacement, we are here to help you. In this article we will cover how you can change your fender, but keep in mind that the process is not necessarily straightforward and may differ from vehicle to vehicle.

Step 1: Check For Other Damages

If you have to replace your fender due to an accident, and not due to corrosion or similar damages, you have to check your entire side just in case. That is needed, because if the fender is not the only damaged part, you may have to replace additional parts, which is a whole another issue. If you have confirmed that what you have is only a fender bender, you can go on.

Step 2: Remove The Current Fender

This step is crucial, so pay attention. We cannot tell you what the exact process of removal is. Every vehicle has different mounting processes, so you probably have to look for a manual on that. However, you can go the DIY route and just figure out as you go what is holding the fender in place. When you do that, you have to pay special attention and maybe even write down the steps you have taken.

Keep in mind that fenders may often require you to remove other parts as well. You may have to take out the bumper, the headlights or even the entire front panel. Your best course of action is to check out a guide online for your specific model.

Step 3: Put On The New Pre-painted Fender

This step is the complete reversal of step 2, but with your new fender. This is why it is so important to write down your dismounting process. Fender installation in and of itself is not hard. The problem comes with all the additional things you have to do. If there are trims, or sidepieces that have to be attached, they are likely still on the old fender, so take them out of there and figure if you can reattach them.

Keep in mind that replacing the fender is usually a more tedious job than replacing the bumper for example. There may be many hidden screws, notches and fasteners all over the place, so you really shouldn’t go overboard in the use of force to yank out your old fender. If you are unsure, you should just let the professionals do it.

Nevertheless, we know that doing it yourself is somewhat more satisfactory. This is why we offer high quality OEM parts, which you can install however you like!