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Why Fenders Are So Important As Auto Body Parts

Why Fenders Are So Important As Auto Body Parts

There are quite a few auto body parts, even if they do not seem obvious to you. For starters, there are bumpers and the hood, which everybody knows. They steal the show most of the time. But when you go around the car there are some other parts as well.

What come to your mind? Maybe the grille, which can also be an accent piece. What about the doors and the mirrors? They are not so obvious, but you can still see them. However, today we are going to focus on the fenders. They are often neglected, unless you see damage to them. The sad part is that the damage could just be indicative of a problem that has been going on for much longer. So let’s see what you can learn about these parts.

More Than Aesthetic Appeal

The majority of people consider fenders to have a strictly aesthetic function. They are a part of the overall construction of the vehicle but only to give it a more finished look. Or are they? Interestingly enough, they actually have a very practical function, which is not that obvious from their name.

The fenders serve one main purpose – to prevent the tires from spreading dirt, mud, little stones and other road debris. Without the fenders, a small stone could easily be thrown back at another car and crack its windshield. And your car will get completely messy from all the road spray. So this is another spin to their aesthetic function, is it not?

Back in the day the wheels stood more to the side of the car, and without the fenders, all the mud would get all over the car and over the people in there as well. That is because most vehicles back then didn’t have roofs.

With time the build of the vehicle got a bit wider overall and the fender became an integral part of the overall frame. It does not stick to the side any longer, but its function is largely the same. However, due to its nature, it can get rusty, especially if the paintjob is not done properly. Small cracks here and there can have water in them and then rust develops.

Why You Should Order Them Painted

If your fenders are damaged, your best bet is to just buy them new. However, buying them unpainted will require you to look for another service. If you do not have a trusted painter to handle the paintjob for you, you can soon be in the market for another fender. This is the main reason why you should order them pre-painted from us.

We use the highest quality of paint, applied with high grade professional equipment. Each part is inspected prior to shipping so that you can receive an impeccable piece. Order your painted fender now!